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The most significant day in your entire life is fast approaching! A day of joy, excitement, and new beginnings. I'll ensure all the shots are taken with all the important people who are sharing the day with you, and I'll also capture the fun and emotion experienced by the people who are attending.

This is a reliable service you can forget about and assume will deliver as promised. A service with years of experience blending in and finding those special vignettes embedded throughout the day... the moments that define the event for you, your wedding party, and your guests.

If there's a special image you want to capture, we'll make that happen. And when you're doing what you need to do, the focus will be on going with the flow of your wedding celebration and using insight to find and record that glance, that spontaneous smile, that unconscious touch of hands, the ringbearer's dirty face. Your wedding is special and the moments and emotion in it are real. This is what I will be able to give to you as a keepsake for the rest of your life.

Wedding Bells Package


• Five hours of your photographer's time to apply as you wish (hair dressing, rehearsal, ceremony, reception, etc.)
• Private online photo gallery to view and order images
• Minimum of 200 high-quality images to choose from
• Prints of your very favorite moments
     - Two 11x14
     - Eight 8x10
     - Twenty-four 4x6
• 80 JPEG image files suitable for 4x6 prints, desktop wallpaper, and web viewing
• Additional prints and gift items (mugs, magnets, puzzles, etc.) available for purchase separately

Your Price: $1495.00


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